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Equestrian: Danger wrapped in beauty


Photograph by Ng Han Guan/AP

As beautiful as the Olympic equestrian course in Greenwich Park is, it has proven to be quite dangerous for many. So much so that some competitors are wearing airbag-like safety vests. Over a 5.7 km course strewn with spectacular obstacles, there are 28 jumps to face, some with difficult combinations, while dealing with 180 degree turns and two-meter drops. And let’s not forget the rain.

Just ask Canadian competitor Hawley Bennett-Awad. She found herself in a London hospital after suffering a concussion from being thrown from her horse on jump No. 3 (a jump many horses have refused to attempt at the event). While the 35-year-old B.C. native suffered a “stable sacral fracture,” according to the Toronto Star, her health is improving significantly.

The full equestrian course and all its majesty can be seen in photos here on The Guardian’s website.

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