Give doctors a capital gains tax break

Why Doctors Need a Capital Gains Tax Break

A tweak to the government’s controversial new tax legislation would encourage more Canadian physicians to stick around
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Big Idea: Protect Nurses in the Workplace

Nurses regularly face physical and emotional abuse on the job. An employment protection called presumptive care would give them the support they so desperately need.

Private Health Care Is Here

A growing number of Canadians pay out of pocket for MRIs, hip replacements, even family doctor visits. How a two-tiered system crept into Canada.
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Give All Canadian Workers Paid Sick Leave

Canadians are working while ill to avoid losing income. Instituting country-wide sick-leave policies is a healthier option.
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What comes next for Canada’s measles surge

Immunologist Dawn Bowdish tells us why measles cases are soaring, who’s at risk and how we can still stamp it out
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The Big Idea: Pay family doctors differently

B.C. rolled out the Longitudinal Family Physician payment model and gained 700 new family doctors

The Canadian doctor who helped invent Ozempic

Decades ago, Toronto researcher Daniel Drucker co-discovered a hormone that paved the way for today’s most-talked-about drug. Does he get the hype? Yes and no.
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Paramedics in our Ontario city were burning out. Then the opioid crisis came to town.

In Belleville, where I’m the chief paramedic, people were dropping like flies. Soon, the city declared a state of emergency.
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Why patients are waiting so long in emergency rooms across Canada

In December, Ontario patients waited in ERs for an average of nearly 22 hours before being admitted to the hospital
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"It can be extremely dangerous": A microbiologist on the rise of invasive Strep A

This isn’t your average strep throat infection—in some cases, it can cause flesh-eating disease or even meningitis