5 most challenging hiking trails in Canada

The rugged Canadian landscape provides some truly amazing terrain for trekking
CANADA - SEPTEMBER 01: Hikers on rock peak survey Lake O’Hara, pine forests, and the Rockies; Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada (Photo by James L. Stanfield/National Geographic/Getty Images)
James L. Stanfield/Getty Images

1. Canol Heritage Trail, N.W.T.: 350 km from the Yukon-Northwest Territories border to Norman Wells. At least 20 days for the full trail. Why go? Because this is one of the most remote and wilderness-filled experiences Canada offers.

2. West Coast Trail, B.C.: 75 km on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Up to seven days to complete. Why do it? To experience the diverse wildlife and sleep by the ocean.

3. Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon: about 75 km, depending on the length of different hikes. Eight days to complete. Why up there? Because you start the hike with a helicopter ride. And this mountain range is “Beringia,” an area extending as far as Siberia that escaped the glacial scarring of the last ice age.

4. Pukaskwa National Park coastal hiking trail, Ont.: 60 km along Lake Superior’s shore. Takes five to seven days to complete. Why go? The trail offers the best chance to experience Ontario’s wild boreal forest, though watch out for the bears and wolves.

5. Sunshine Village, Alta., to Mt. Assiniboine, B.C.: 56 km. Roughly six days to complete. Why go? This spot is only accessible on foot or by helicopter and is renowned for its stunning views and opportunity to see wildlife, including mountain goats, bighorn sheep, elk and deer.

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