7 niche dating sites where Canadians can find love

Vegetarians/lonely sea captain seeks same


These international online dating sites can help you find love, if you really, really know what you’re looking for.

1. Veggie Connection: For vegetarians who don’t want to cook separate meals for their beloved.

2. Date My Pet: On this site, the user creates a profile about himself, his interests and his idea of a perfect date, then creates a separate profile about his pet, his pet’s interests and his pet’s idea of a perfect date. Love can only blossom if users fall for both the human and the pet.

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3. Atlasphere: For devotees of Ayn Rand, because no one wants to date one of those by accident.

4. FarmersOnly: “City folks just don’t get it!” is their slogan—and their users’ mantra.

5. Golfmates: Find the one you’ll want to be caught in a sand trap with for the rest of your life.

6. Cupidtino: Do you hate it when your date is on his iPhone all night? Well, now he can find a more tolerant companion on this dating website for Apple fanatics only.

7. Sea Captain Date: This website for lonely sea captains was, at its inception, presumed by many to be a hoax. After almost a year in action, however, the site has proven to be very real, and boasts a number of real-life sea captains among its members.

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