8 pieces of toast auctioned for big dough

Want to make major bread in online auctions? Toast is a hot item.

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It’s a truism that we are what we eat. But a lengthening list of uneaten, or partially eaten slices of toast auctioned for sizable amounts of money seems to say a lot about the times we live in, too.

1. Prince Charles’ wedding day toast. Slated for auction for July 19, this unbuttered slice was apparently served to Prince Charles on the morning of his wedding to then-Lady Diana Spencer. It may sell for as much as £500.
Source: Daily Mail

2. Tim Tebow grilled cheese. One slice of an otherwise ordinary grilled cheese sandwich made by eBay member Carlspackler76 fetched a hundred dollars, thanks to its uncanny resemblance to the genuflecting football star.
Source: Yahoo Sports.

3. Sarah Palin lookalike toast. A search for ‘Sarah Palin toast’ turns up all kinds of references to the former Vice-Presidential candidate’s political career—and, if you look hard enough, brief mention of a slice of toast bearing her likeness, which drew eBay bids of at least $31.
Source: SlashFood

4. Runaway bride tribute toast. After runaway bride Jennifer Milbanks faked her own abduction to duck out of her extravagant wedding, Perry Lonzello carved a rudimentary portrait of her into a slice of Wonder Bread, then put it up for auction. Unfortunately, the winner was a runaway bidder, and Lonzello—who said he had planned to donate the money to charity—got burned.
Sources: CNET, Chicago Tribune

5. Niall Horan’s Vegemite toast. A half eaten piece of toast smeared in Vegemite, discarded by Niall Horan of the boy band One Direction after trying a bite on an Australian TV show, was put up for auction for charity. Bids rose to nearly $100,000 before the toast was withdrawn, apparently due to suspicions about the authenticity of the bids.
Source: Digital Journal

6,7. Justin Timberlake’s uneaten French toast. Why Justin Timberlake didn’t eat two slices of French toast one morning in March of 2000 may forever remain a mystery. But surely the greater mystery is why N’Sync fan Kathy Summers paid $1025 for the pair in a charity auction.
Source: Entertainment Weekly

8. The Virgin Mary toast. Truly the Mother of all toast auctions was the one in which a decade-old toasted cheese sandwich bearing a (vague) resemblance to the face of the Virgin Mary was bought at auction for $28,000 by the Internet casino, for whom the publicity generated by the purchase was probably a bargain. The sandwich with a single bite out of it was said to have brought good luck to its previous owner, Diane Duyser, from Florida, who had kept the relic for ten years.
Source: BBC

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