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The Many Flavours of the Czech Republic
At one time, destinations would go out of their way to provide visitors with food that was familiar to them. But exposure to new flavours has broadened people’s tastes and now more destinations recognize the potential for gastronomic tourism.

The Czech Republic is promoting its delicious native food and drink through a number of initiatives, including festivals, cooking courses and a program which recognizes restaurants that serve national specialties. Taste the Czech Republic is a joint venture between tourism officials, restaurants and chefs. When you visit the Czech Specials website, you’ll find a list of restaurants authorized to use the Czech Specials logo. This certifies that you will find on the menu at least one national specialty, such as svíčková (sirloin) in cream sauce or pork, dumplings and cabbage, and at least one regional dish. For example, you could enjoy liver and cranberry pâté in Prague, Krkonoše sour soup in the Giant Mountains, or “Moravian sparrow” (roast pork, sauerkraut and potato dumplings) in South Moravia. The site also features recipes you can try at home – in anticipation of your trip or in memory of it after you return home.

The Prague Food Festival is a three-day celebration of food set this year for May 28-30. The organizers always seek a unique location, and this year they have chosen the Southern Garden of Prague Castle. Visitors can taste dishes from top restaurants while enjoying breathtaking views of Prague.

As the home of Pilsner beer and other fine brews, the Czech Republic is a paradise for beer lovers, and you can sample local varieties everywhere. What is less known is that the Czechs make some terrific wine too. The permanent wine-tasting exposition “Wine Salon” in Valtice offers 100 of the best wines from around the Czech Republic for the current season all in one place. Visitors can choose from a diverse selection of wine-tasting programs and purchase their favourites. You can find out more information on Czech wines here.

A Hotel Review Site Written By Canadians, For Canadians
It’s no secret that is the 800-pound gorilla of the online review world. The site has changed travel by enabling consumers to view the opinions of others who have gone before them. But some complain that people abuse the system by posting phony reviews. is a Canadian hotel review site with a difference. Canadians who have bought their trip from a Canadian online travel travel agency will receive an e-mail shortly after their return inviting them to review their holiday. Because the data about their trip comes directly from their booking record, there’s no opportunity for a false posting. Readers have the certainty of knowing the reviews are genuine.

To date there are more than 1,000 hotels reviewed in the most popular Canadian sun destinations. And is attracting over 100 new reviews each day. Many popular properties have 20 or more reviews, which really helps you decide whether the resort is suited to your individual taste. Currently, reviews have come from over 700 Canadian towns and cities, with 70% of content in English, 30% in French. In operation just since October of last year, is gaining some real critical mass, and promises to be a valuable tool for Canadians seeking their place in the sun.

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