WestJet CEO Gregg Saretsky’s 5 favourite flight attendant jokes

The Calgary-based airline’s flight attendants have always been known for the jokes they tell passengers. Here are some of the best, picked by the company’s chief executive:

1. What do you give the man who has everything? A burglar alarm.

2. Two women were overheard talking at a coffee shop. “I just got back from a pleasure trip,” said the first. “So did I,” said the second. “I just dropped my husband off at the airport.”

3. What does Canada produce that no other country produces? Canadians!

4. Two men were chatting on a WestJet plane recently. “My wife thinks I’m too nosy,” said one. “Really?” asked the second. “Yeah,” he replied. “At least that’s what she keeps writing in her diary.”

5. A WestJet flight attendant was telling a bunch of very corny jokes on a flight recently, but wasn’t sure the PA system was working. She asked if anyone in the back of the plane could hear her and one man stood up and yelled, “No!” That’s when a man in the front row stood up, turned around and said “Great! Can I trade places with you?”