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Building the future with quantum materials: Live-stream lecture

The next quantum leap for humanity will be a literal quantum leap. Watch this month's Perimeter Public Lecture on this big yet tiny topic, live on Apr. 4 at 7pm ET

The history of human progress is, effectively, the history of humans mastering the materials around us and creating new ones. It’s how the cotton gin helped spark the Industrial Revolution, and how increasingly powerful, small processors have allowed the explosion of AI technology. And as humanity faces an energy crisis, the next stage will come from quantum materials, and technology built from the atom up.

The Perimeter Public Lecture—the series that brings high science to the masses at the Perimeter Institute stage in Waterloo, Ont.—is back on for another season of fascinating conversations, streamed live right here on the first Wednesday of every month. And this month, Rob Moore—assistant director of the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences—will talk about how the next quantum leap for humanity will be a literal quantum leap.

Maclean’s is proud to be able to broadcast a live-stream of these talks. Watch Moore’s talk live below at 7 pm ET on Wednesday, Apr. 4, and if you’ve missed it, you’ll be able to watch a replay below. You can also watch a trailer for the lecture here.