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40 more photos from @Cmdr_Hadfield

A gallery of the Canadian astronaut’s latest snapshots from orbit


40 more photos from @Cmdr_Hadfield in orbit

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Photographing Earth – in the Cupola with the big lens. http://t.co/kL9iQdANChris Hadfield
The Panama Canal – an incredible feat of engineering, short-cut between oceans. http://pic.twitter.com/AVzZSdzqChris Hadfield
A lonely road to drive; don’t run out of gas. Saudi Arabia. http://pic.twitter.com/pzEF5YOjChris Hadfield
Limassol, Cyrpus – facing south to the sea http://pic.twitter.com/qRnsNstcChris Hadfield
Sands of Namibia, a rippling texture of stark beauty from space. http://pic.twitter.com/9sp4F26yChris Hadfield
Sandstorm in the Northwest US. You can see where they start. Not exactly sure where, though. Anybody down there know? http://pic.twitter.com/Lja7c22ZChris Hadfield
I love it when islands are shaped like fish. http://pic.twitter.com/gcOdgQ68Chris Hadfield
If you’re thumbing through an atlas or scanning Google Maps for that fish island, here’s a hint: Capt Jack Sparrow sailed the sea.Chris Hadfield
@Cmdr_Hadfield I think I found it… not far from Belize?V.
@starspunade Yes, that’s the island! In the Caribbean, not far from Belize City. Congratulations from orbit!Chris Hadfield
I just got a tweet from space. My day/week/year/life has been made. Thanks, @Cmdr_Hadfield :DV.
Road, River, Rock and Red Sand create a strange stick figure in Africa. http://pic.twitter.com/q1Ki6fqYChris Hadfield
It must have been quite a day when this lava flowed out of the earth into the Saudi Arabian desert. http://pic.twitter.com/1DnodfO9Chris Hadfield
More volcano-spotting! Mt. Taranaki on New Zealand’s North Island served as the backdrop in the movie The Last Samurai http://pic.twitter.com/cs56558jThomas H. Marshburn
A lonely road to drive; don’t run out of gas. Saudi Arabia. http://pic.twitter.com/pzEF5YOjChris Hadfield
Charlottetown, PEI. The birthplace of Canada’s Confederation, seen from orbit by a Canadian, 146 years later. http://pic.twitter.com/bbGvjF2GChris Hadfield
The Annapolis Valley, NS, Canada. A lush tended farming centre for centuries. http://pic.twitter.com/b3J6vMcLChris Hadfield
Key West, Florida. A fun place to rent a bike and see for yourself. http://pic.twitter.com/9i9RaCb2Chris Hadfield
Tonight’s finale, the Moon at sunrise, with ethereal blue noctilucent clouds and a solar array glowing gold. http://pic.twitter.com/laXBsUohChris Hadfield
Another of the Australian bushfires, this one near Burrinjuck Dam. Look closely and you can see the flames from orbit. http://pic.twitter.com/t7d1Cc2yChris Hadfield
Striking image of the bushfires in Australia. Streamers of smoke are visible all across the country. http://pic.twitter.com/tqr6X8afChris Hadfield
An island made for running laps. Off the coast of Indonesia. http://pic.twitter.com/jf3CV2joChris Hadfield
Here is a closer view of Qingdao (Tsingtao). Much easier to see the bridge in this photo. http://pic.twitter.com/vikTd5QeChris Hadfield
Qingdao, a Northern Chinese city on the sea. You can just make out Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, the world’s longest sea bridge. http://pic.twitter.com/ajQYPLVhChris Hadfield
We’ve been flying a “high-beta” orbit: pic shows our line of travel skimming beside dusk (or dawn). Lots more sun! http://pic.twitter.com/SdIvHSPcThomas H. Marshburn
Our atmosphere has distinct layers; the troposphere and stratosphere are easily visible from orbit. http://pic.twitter.com/p0HReJd0Chris Hadfield
Humans need straight lines, nature doesn’t. Indecisive river and orderly farmers, central Asia. http://pic.twitter.com/BIL8SyqwChris Hadfield
Glacier tongues in the Himalayas. http://pic.twitter.com/A9xe7AfGChris Hadfield
Thunderstorm from above. What animal to you see? http://pic.twitter.com/7HJuRPYSChris Hadfield
Australia – the dryness creates colours and textures that make the Outback immediately recognizable from space. http://pic.twitter.com/0D4lvgJtChris Hadfield
Australian beach – the tip of King Sound, near Derby in the Northwest. http://pic.twitter.com/GfytBxC5Chris Hadfield
A crazed stained glass mosaic – the winter black and white of farms in central Asia. http://pic.twitter.com/bVdxA2ZWChris Hadfield
Tonight’s finale: Newfoundland and Labrador, without zoom. http://pic.twitter.com/Cnb9sJIlChris Hadfield
Even from 400 km up you can sense the searing dryness of southern Saudi Arabia. http://pic.twitter.com/qmWaQMw2Chris Hadfield
Sharm el Sheikh, at the tip of the Sinai on the Red Sea. http://pic.twitter.com/vGyezdqTChris Hadfield
Greece, the west coast from Patra to Zacharo. http://t.co/YK4mviPzChris Hadfield
The Greek Island of Corfu. Places as beautiful as this are alluring for my return to Earth. http://pic.twitter.com/s61TVajEChris Hadfield
This beautiful Italian peninsula jutting into the Adriatic Sea suddenly looked like a dog’s head to me. http://pic.twitter.com/0zV2VaN5Chris Hadfield
The heel of the boot of Italy. The port of Brindisi is clearly visible. http://pic.twitter.com/wMByav0nChris Hadfield
Corn rows of sand, tightly sculpted by wind, heat and time, Saudi Arabia. http://pic.twitter.com/N3Hp0XlXChris Hadfield
Taranto, in the arch of Italy’s boot. http://pic.twitter.com/i2ISQiKFChris Hadfield
Japanese rice fields tidily blanketed with snow. http://pic.twitter.com/zH4Zl15oChris Hadfield
Volcanoes look dramatic at dawn. They startled me when I spotted them through the lens. http://pic.twitter.com/n8M1Pj1DChris Hadfield
India, through a hole in the clouds. I’m not sure where – does anyone recognize the exact location? http://t.co/cCvDL7jPChris Hadfield
Italian coast – like a diamond set in a ring. http://pic.twitter.com/wkklDEnXChris Hadfield
Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Unsure of the city, though. Perhaps Merida? http://pic.twitter.com/fzE1kylGChris Hadfield
From orbit, water can be more striking than land, as it swirls in this Mediterranean port. http://pic.twitter.com/62TqnRWKChris Hadfield
A long pier and a full beach on the Yucatan, Mexico. The coastal city of Progreso just north of Merida. http://pic.twitter.com/00pQ6piSChris Hadfield
Island off the horn of Africa. I bet that beach is beautiful. http://pic.twitter.com/FukYVigmChris Hadfield
Tonight’s finale: A view that starts from a line of towering thunderstorms and heads all the way to the black of space. http://pic.twitter.com/gwdVpla5Chris Hadfield
Frozen crests of sand break over the arid rock, Namibian coast, Africa. http://pic.twitter.com/rwhsW9lXChris Hadfield

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