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@Cmdr_Hadfield tweets from space

Dec. 24: ‘Our tree is up – on the ceiling! The beauty of a weightless Christmas.’


@Cmdr_Hadfield tweets from space

Chris Hadfield launched into space on Dec. 19. The Canadian astronaut has been documenting his expedition in 140-character bursts:

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Bobblehead Astronauts – each of us now has the complete set. Not much good in weightlessness, but fun on Earth :) http://pic.twitter.com/gFEh9N3WChris Hadfield
Enemas and Barf Bags – the less glamorous side of spaceflight :) From today’s medical briefings in quarantine. http://pic.twitter.com/sgfdkRDcChris Hadfield
Cosmonaut Breakfast in Quarantine: omelet, bacon, mustard, red caviar. http://pic.twitter.com/x6OBusZ8Chris Hadfield
Space Accidents – 1-page summary from X-15 to Vostok to ISS. Worth understanding. http://www.spacesafetymagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/JSC-Flight-Safety-Office-graphics-of-all-incidents.jpg http://pic.twitter.com/Cd9Fz4NeChris Hadfield
Aliens Exist! At least on this Christmas tree :) Good morning to all, from Kazakhstan, 1 week to launch. http://pic.twitter.com/5xxMBQu3Chris Hadfield
There is an unbelievable thrill in getting into your own spaceship. This is the same hatch we’ll use on the launch pad. http://pic.twitter.com/d5cM3GbqChris Hadfield
Pressure Suit – I trust my life to this bubble of plexiglass, hand-sewn suit & the craftspeople who put it together. http://pic.twitter.com/8ShT1JZVChris Hadfield
Hatch to Another World – what it looks like to climb into a Soyuz spaceship. We then crawl down into our seats. http://pic.twitter.com/VJGOC8K3Chris Hadfield
How Astronauts Relax in Quarantine – for the real Russian billiards players, how’s my technique? http://pic.twitter.com/f3x4GrRwChris Hadfield
What are 10 Songs you’d Take to Space with you? Here’s my list, plus Ed Robertson’s and Bob McDonald’s: http://music.cbc.ca/#/Radio2/blogs/2012/12/Chris-Hadfield-Ed-Robertson-and-Bob-McDonald-share-playlists-to-prep-for-spaceChris Hadfield
Early Christmas – prime & backup crews at the Cosmodrome museum. It’s beginning to look a lot like … spaceflight! http://pic.twitter.com/QpVosIfXChris Hadfield
It takes these 32 engines to get these 3 humans safely above the air. And that’s just the start. http://pic.twitter.com/fw6glqLjChris Hadfield
Soyuz Docking Sim on a Laptop – what we train with in Quarantine; left joystick is for moving, right for turning. http://pic.twitter.com/RgQrOe1lChris Hadfield
Just watched the Station fly over, with my family, after celebrating Christmas together in Quarantine (not too close!). Very special.Chris Hadfield
Up early, can hear the wind blowing. It’s 30 below as they roll the rocket on its carrier train to the launch pad. Stay warm, launch guests!Chris Hadfield
My kids brought me a Yule Tree that plugs into a USB port. Perfect for the Christmas traveler who has to pack light. http://pic.twitter.com/hrLQV7RLChris Hadfield
Soyuz Rescue – 8 planes, 13 helicopters and a ship wait along our launch track, from here to Japan, just in case. http://pic.twitter.com/HCzeFPubChris Hadfield
Up early, can hear the wind blowing. It’s 30 below as they roll the rocket on its carrier train to the launch pad. Stay warm, launch guests!Chris Hadfield
How cold was it at rocket roll-out this morning? My son took this portrait of his wife. http://pic.twitter.com/6qkbsMBtChris Hadfield
My Soyuz Checklists – from L to R: Launch/Entry, Malfunctions, Orbital Flight. Colour-coded for easy spaceflight. http://pic.twitter.com/kruQvFQaChris Hadfield
Our rocket rode to the launch pad on a rail. Fill ‘er up, please, we have a long trip planned. http://pic.twitter.com/SAPMDCtCChris Hadfield
Quarantine Guitar – got medical clearance to play some songs with brother Dave, just 24 hrs ’til launch. Very special. http://pic.twitter.com/dI0dzNoAChris Hadfield
Feel what Launch is like – a couple videos worth watching: http://www.youtube.com/user/canadianspaceagencyChris Hadfield
RT @Astro_Jeremy: @Cmdr_Hadfield ‘s kids already completed suit up 4 launch. To say that we are all excited would be an understatement! http://pic.twitter.com/ByshxkKuRicardo D. González
Haircut for Space Travel – Tatiana got cleared to come into Quarantine. Next barber will be Tom with a vacuum cleaner. http://pic.twitter.com/0bVkhUPoChris Hadfield
One last kiss before I go – love under glass with my wife. It’s launch morning, I slept well, feel great. 10 hrs until! http://pic.twitter.com/u7S8i3RFChris Hadfield
Just took my last hot shower for 5 months. I lingered …Chris Hadfield
A Little Launch Music – same as 11 years ago, I played just before heading to space. Day to Day, by Stan Rogers. http://pic.twitter.com/aMhiNDfaChris Hadfield
RT @Astro_DavidS: @Cmdr_Hadfield and his crewmates leaving for the launchpad in Baikonur. Soyuz launch at 0712 ET! http://pic.twitter.com/YCW4AxjIRandy Attwood
RT @ShuttleAlmanac: Rare view a Canadian flag on the pad at Baikonour @csa_asc @Cmdr_Hadfield is aboard, eh ! http://spaceshuttlealmanac.com http://twitpic.com/bn6u9pWindlord
We have liftoff! God Speed @Cmdr_Hadfield!CanadianSpaceAgency
Amazing launch this (Canadian) morning. Congrats to @Cmdr_Hadfield and crew. Is he playing sudoku during launch? http://pic.twitter.com/ivLSTY0cStompn_Tom
The shadow of the cloud the launch created was very impressive in the otherwise perfectly clear sky of Kazakhstan. http://pic.twitter.com/T40UhicCChris Hadfield
Jettisoning the boosters, as seen from the ground. You can see them as four steady points of light around the Soyuz. http://pic.twitter.com/C2h8onmsChris Hadfield
Space Station! Floating free, buoyed up even more by my smile :) http://pic.twitter.com/aqrRK983Chris Hadfield
Soyuz Food – simple dried and canned food, came in a very cute bag. I like the little rocketship. http://pic.twitter.com/LPUXc1qqChris Hadfield
Space Station Bedroom – sleeping bag on right, laptop on left, moving my luggage in. A very small dorm room. http://pic.twitter.com/Y8iPcpLRChris Hadfield
Having a closet with no gravity is a challenge – hard to keep track of where everything is! http://pic.twitter.com/c2wXeZb0Chris Hadfield
Mission Patches – a wall of history in the Space Station Node 1, including my last time here, 11 years ago. http://pic.twitter.com/jCRYP9wkChris Hadfield
Fathead Astronaut – being weightless means there’s no gravity to push your blood to your feet, so your head swells up. http://pic.twitter.com/xoV8fQylChris Hadfield
Look what I found on Space Station! It’s now in my sleeping quarters, nice & quiet for recording. http://pic.twitter.com/28QFhJT9Chris Hadfield
Food on Space Station – a pantry full of goodness, ready to rehydrate and eat. http://pic.twitter.com/kybBiyn4Chris Hadfield
This brave little ship carried us from Earth to orbit, now safely nestled into Station. Ready when we need her to fly. http://pic.twitter.com/VsFZDovQChris Hadfield
Inside the Space Station – closet space is limited. Some modules are pretty full. http://pic.twitter.com/cNfVoC9iChris Hadfield
I recorded my first song on station yesterday. Here is the non-youtube version: https://soundcloud.com/colchrishadfield/jewel-in-the-nightChris Hadfield
Our tree is up – on the ceiling! The beauty of a weightless Christmas. http://pic.twitter.com/GQOF8IB5Chris Hadfield
Happiness Is … arriving at a Space Station and finding your name on a locker :) http://pic.twitter.com/Lu9e3xtVChris Hadfield

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