The best of Scott Feschuk

As a tribute to Feschuk's 12 years of keeping Canadians laughing, we've assembled some of his best columns from over the years.

(Photograph by Dillan Cools)

(Photograph by Dillan Cools)

On Thursday, long-time Maclean’s humour columnist Scott Feschuk announced on Twitter that he will stop writing his column.

As a tribute to Feschuk’s 12 years of keeping Canadians laughing, we’ve assembled some of his best columns from the many hundreds he’s written over the years. The list below is a mix of pieces he’s been fêted for (two Golds and 12 nominations at the National Magazine Awards), that have proven popular with readers or that staff at Maclean’s have selected.

Thanks Scott!


Here’s Feschuk’s first column for Maclean’s in 2005: Hollywood’s filthy habits

October 2005: Stripes, dribbles, hairy balls

October 2006: Little Kim: Playing second banana to a lunatic

July 2007: Weekly newsletter from Cell Block 8

October 2007: Liberals + surplus = pinheads. Me + one = genius.

January 2009: Key things that the new guy needs to know

May 2009: My Hockey Book, by Stephen Harper

December 2009: What’s a holiday without any guilt

March 2011: ‘The what? I thought I was against those.’

August 2011: James and the giant poo

November 2012: Running for the Liberal leadership?

November 2013: Canada under Prime Minister Rob Ford

December 2013: How newsmakers of 2013 would make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

September 2014: Harper to world: We are angry, and we have adjectives

September 2014: Okay, Canada: It’s time for the hard truth about Tim Hortons

February 2015: The nine stages of Canadian cold

October 2015: The Stephen Harper Fear Index

December 2016: How Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made sexiness great again

February 2017: Donald Trump rants and raves at the press

February 2017: The subtext of Kellie Leitch’s bizarro video