Top Canadian TV draws, Olympic and otherwise

The Olympic Opening Ceremony was # 2 - where's the Summit Series?

Ezra Shaw/AP Photo

It’s become almost legend that when Paul Henderson scored his epic goal against the Soviets in 1972, 18 million Canadians were glued to their TVs. It’s also a myth. The real number of viewers was around 4.3 million, which is paltry compared to the number of people that broadcasters claim tuned in for these events:

1. Olympic men’s hockey gold medal game, Feb. 28, 2010: 16.7 million

2. London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Jul. 27, 2012: 16.6 million

3. IIHF world junior championship gold medal game  Jan. 5, 2011: 14.2 million

4. Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony, Feb. 12, 2010: 13.3 million

5. William and Kate’s royal wedding, April 29, 2011: 12 million

6. Olympic men’s hockey gold medal game, Feb. 28, 2002: 10.3 million

7. Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs—Boston vs. Vancouver, June 15, 2011: 8.6 million

8. Super Bowl XLVI New York Giants vs. New England Patriots, Feb. 5, 2012: 8.2 million

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