Soccer’s biggest fakers, best commercials and spotlight-stealing wives and girlfriends


The stars, the spectacle, the fans and the rivalries.
takes you behind the world’s most thrilling sporting event.

Five standouts you’ve never heard of (photos)
These unknowns came up big for their teams in the World Cup’s first week
Selling Soccer (video)
Watch the 5 best commercials in FIFA history
The World Cup’s biggest fakers (video)
Watch our top 8 best (or worst) dives
Ladies on the sidelines (photos)
See the post-Posh generation of WAGs
Top 10 players to watch (photos)
The most exciting players on the pitch
The tattooed men of international soccer (photos)
From the subtle to the ostentatious, tattoos are a fixture on the soccer pitch
Uniforms that never should have made it to the Cup (photos)
The 10 worst uniforms in the tournament’s history

MORE WORLD CUP: Week one highlights, security fears, and the best soccer books

World Cup 2010: Week one in review
Messi stopped, North Korea scores, England blames the ball and other highlights from the first 8 days of play

Soccer’s net losses
European leagues are where stars are made, but debt problems are pushing pro soccer to the brink

Five books about the Beautiful Game
The poetry, politics, and pure nerdiness behind the world’s favourite game

Security fears loom over 2010 World Cup
All eyes on South Africa’s police after Greek players and international journalists are robbed

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A league of their own
The favourite teams and stars to watch in the battle for soccer glory
Welcome to soccer town
Where is the best place on the planet to watch the World Cup—even better than South Africa?
Soccer scandals: the not-so-beautiful shame
The sport has more than a few dirty secrets
It’s time to get loud and proud
Fans show their support
A sport for athletes and actors, too
Embellishing injuries, although illegal, is all part of the game
The Messi-ah
Lionel Messi is the most feared and most admired man in the tournament. Could he be the best ever?
Our man in South Africa
A Canadian linesman at the World Cup

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