How Flygreen Optimizes Travel for Peak Performance in Sports

Travel hacks for athletes to arrive competition-ready

June 25, 2024

In the world of professional sports, strategy is just as important off the court as it is on. Considering the meticulous planning that goes into everything, from training schedules to tailored nutrition programs, it’s crucial that travel logistics also be optimized for peak performance come game day. 

Enter Flygreen, a game changer shaking up the private aviation space with its rapid, reliable and responsible premier jet charter services. A trusted North American travel companion among leaders in entertainment, health care, sports and more, Flygreen is all about getting clients from point A to B efficiently, comfortably and with purpose, catering to their specific needs no matter how complex. 

Read on to discover why Flygreen is the go-to private jet brokerage for professional sports organizations and how it optimizes travel for peak performance. 

Private jet charter minimizes unnecessary travel stress and fatigue

The key to gold? Rest and relaxation. “Our expertise lies in matching clients with the right aircraft for their specific travel requirements,” says Matt Keezer, CEO and co-founder of Flygreen. With access to over 7,000 certified jets around the world, organizations are guaranteed to find the airliner needed to lead their team to success. Some key features of VIP aircraft? Deluxe bedrooms, full bathrooms and unwavering Wi-Fi. Jet charter executives can also arrange for flight attendants to be on board, making the experience seamless and hassle-free. No matter how complex the logistics may be, Flygreen delivers with solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, sports teams included.  


Flygreen understands the value of time

“Private aviation isn’t just about reaching your destination; it’s about reclaiming your most valuable asset: time,” says Ryan Saroli, co-founder and vice-president of sales at Flygreen. Thanks to Flygreen’s on-demand services, organizations can travel on their own schedules; teams can depart with as little as four hours’ notice—a must when ad hoc situations inevitably arise—and clients can board within minutes of departure. 

There’s also the advantage of accessing empty leg flights and smaller airports, sidestepping stressful delays and long waits at larger commercial airports. Additionally, Flygreen offers access to various aircraft options that provide ample space to conduct business meetings and strategy touch bases. At the end of the day, quick and efficient travel can help maximize revenue, leaving more time for teams to partake in lucrative opportunities, endorsements and events. Consider it an investment in time. 

Flying private makes sticking to customized meal plans a breeze

Nutrition plays a huge role in an athlete’s performance. With Flygreen, clients can ensure players are loading up on everything needed to be at the top of their game. Highly customized meal plans for a large crew? Flygreen’s Jet Charter Executives can arrange for whatever elaborate request comes in, be it a specific meal rich in complex carbs and lean protein or a supplement-packed smoothie. 

Responsible travel without compromising performance

Chartering private flights often gets a bad rap, but Flygreen adopts a mindful approach to sustainability, implementing various methods to reduce the environmental impact of the private aviation industry. 

Thanks to its proprietary tech platform Jetpro, details like fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are recorded for each flight. With these insights, Flygreen determines how many trees are required to capture its clients’ carbon emissions and matches 50 per cent of that number. As of today, the company has planted 30,000 trees across North American forests, and that number is guaranteed to rise. By choosing Flygreen, clients can travel responsibly, comfortably and at ease, so that they can focus their energy on their next big win. 

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