Three uLethbridge students share how their school is setting them up for success

Amazing professors, a plethora of opportunities, and diverse programs: these students share the difference that uLethbridge is making for their education.

David Awosoga

Bachelor of Science student

Major: Applied Statistics

David Awosoga loves working with numbers and learning how to apply data in the real world but his talents don’t end there. David was taking a computer science course when his professor invited him to participate in an exciting research opportunity: for the past two summers, David has been paid as an undergraduate student researcher working on a project analysing the cohesiveness of online communities, funded by a major federal grant. While his program and research certainly keep him on his toes, he is also a middle-distance runner on the Pronghorns Track and Field team.

What are the benefits of coming to uLethbridge over larger institutions?

“Being a relatively small university, opportunities and connections are a lot easier to form here because you see the same people so often. I’m usually the kid sitting near the back of the class, coming in, getting the lecture and leaving. I was shocked the first time I had a professor address me by name—I assumed that never happened in university because there were too many students to remember.

There are also a lot of opportunities here. I had never thought about doing research until my professor approached me. I have been working on the research project for two years and have access to computer programs that I didn’t know existed, and that have been useful in other courses too.”

Nathan Crow

Bachelor of Management student

Major: Indigenous Governance & Business Management

Nathan Crow felt a strong connection to uLethbridge long before he applied. The University resides on traditional Blackfoot territory and he is a proud member of the Kainai Nation (Blackfoot); his parents are also uLethbridge alumni. Although Nathan wasn’t sure what he wanted to study at first, he realized the Indigenous governance and business management program (IGBM), offered in the Dhillon School of Business, is the perfect program to develop and showcase his leadership qualities and skills.

How have your professors impacted your education?

“I have had several amazing professors during my time at uLethbridge who changed the way I view the world. I wanted to enhance my knowledge and capabilities while gaining an education that would improve my quality of life. I chose to major in IGBM because of some professors who sparked my interest and educated me on crucial topics about my Indigenous culture.”

Meghan Rennie

Bachelor of Management/Bachelor of Fine Arts – New Media student

Majors: General Management and New Media

Meghan Rennie knew she was an artist at a very young age. At 16 years old, she started a business in Cold Lake, Alberta, selling handmade greeting cards and discovered that she also had a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She loved the freedom to experiment, and succeed or fail on her own terms. A desire to blend the practical side of art creation with a strong creative practice drove Meghan toward uLethbridge to the combined degrees program in management and new media.

Have you had any hands-on learning experiences at uLethbridge?

“I recently completed the Trailblazing Entrepreneurship program through Agility—it helps entrepreneurs incubate their business or a non-profit over the course of two semesters. It has taught me so much and I’m really proud of the skill sets I have developed through it. I’m starting the Integrated Management Experience next fall; I look forward to all that it will teach me.”

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