Top 50 Fastest-growing Charities in Canada

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Volunteers at a Food Bank
Small group of people donating their time by working in a warehouse to organize and distribute non-perishable goods to families and people in need.

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With its Fastest-growing Charities in Canada annual report, the Veritas Foundation aims to show which of the country’s roughly 86,000 charities are attracting the most interest from donors.

Each year, the Veritas Foundation analyses charities’ revenue from individual donors, based on their tax receipts from the previous five years. To capture the most insightful data, the top 500 are chosen from a list of 42,000 charities that excludes those in typically larger and more stable categories, such as education and religion.

Below are the first 50 on the 2022 list and breakdowns by province and by charitable sector. To see all 500 charities, visit veritascharityservices.com.


Top 50 fastest-growing charities in Canada 2022


Fastest-growing charities, by province and territory


What types of charities are growing fastest?

What is the Veritas Foundation?

The Veritas Foundation is a private charitable organization committed to the improvement of Canada’s philanthropic sector. It helps individuals and organizations establish and grow their own endowments, then invests the proceeds in The Veritas Foundation Giving Fund, a donor-advised fund. It then issues grants to charitable projects based on the donor’s recommendations. The Veritas Foundation writes independent monthly research reports on the sector and has developed a proprietary rating system that evaluates a charity’s strategy, governance, financial performance, and impact.


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