2020 University Rankings

Young Couple Having Fun at Park

The program whose students who report the highest marijuana use: Survey

For the second year in a row, drama students report using more marijuana than their peers in other programs
smoking pot at a house party

Reported marijuana use ’higher’ at Canadian universities in 2019: Survey

In the annual Maclean’s survey, Canadian university students report more frequent use of marijuana

Partying is not SFU’s strength. Many students are fine with that.

Beautiful views, solid academics and lots of dogs on campus: Simon Fraser has plenty to offer. But most people go home after class.

Canada’s top party schools 2020

Which schools’ students log the most hours having fun? And how many hours on average are Canadian students partying? The results of our annual student survey.

What’s it like to be a non-drinker at a Canadian university?

Alcohol is seen as a big part of student life, but plenty of students choose not to partake

How Harvard makes the U.S. less equal

A new book examines injustices in American higher education

Canada’s Top Medical Doctoral University 2020: McGill

The school’s dedication to research and new initiatives helps its influence stretch far beyond its home campus

Canada’s best Medical Doctoral universities: Rankings 2020

Schools in this category have a broad range of research opportunities and Ph.D. programs, as well as medical schools
The University Centre at the University of Guelph. (University of Guelph)

The fallout of optional fees for Ontario student groups

A new policy has students choosing which services to fund—and services seeing steep declines in funding

How TRU draws 3,500 students from 100 different countries

It’s not easy for a fledgling school like Thompson Rivers University to compete on the international stage. That’s why they have a special strategy: TLC.