Alberta oil

Oilfield pumpjacks, belonging to Whitecap Resources, near Calgary on Sept. 9, 2020. (Larry MacDougal/CP)

A low-carbon world is coming Alberta

Ahead of COP26, Alberta oil and gas needs to get real about its future

Alberta is investing $1.1 billion in the disputed Keystone XL pipeline, a project that Kenney says is crucial for the province's economy. (Alik Keplicz/AP/CP)

What if Jason Kenney is secretly working to undermine Alberta’s oil and gas industry? A conspiracy theory.

Max Fawcett: The decisions Kenney’s government have made lately has only caused greater scrutiny over the province’s $1.5 billion investment in the Keystone XL pipeline

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney speaks during a press conference in Edmonton on Feb. 24, 2020. (Jason Franson/CP)

Saudi Arabia is buying shares of Alberta’s oil sands companies. The ‘ethical oil’ argument is dead.

Max Fawcett: If Canadian oil and gas companies are going to accept Saudi Arabia’s money, it’s probably time for their proxies to retire arguments about the immorality of their oil

A protest sign outside an energy company AGM (annual general meeting) being held in Calgary, Alberta. (Larry MacDougal/CP)

Why the oil price collapse is not a ‘win’ for the environment

Max Fawcett: The environment wouldn’t be a winner in a prolonged price war between Saudi Arabia, Russia and North America

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney comments on the Teck mine decision in Edmonton on Feb. 24, 2020. (Jason Franson/CP)

Jason Kenney needs to drum up a new reputation for the oil and gas sector

Max Fawcett: Alberta’s energy sector should highlight the weaknesses in other market-oriented oil and gas regions like Texas, where gas flaring and water management are more lax

Jason Kenney’s Facebook-era McCarthyism

Chris Turner: Alberta’s economy is in turmoil, and Kenney’s cabinet spends its time waging a war against those who were allegedly disloyal to Alberta’s oil and gas sector

Alberta oil’s next test: Greta Thunberg

Max Fawcett: Greta Thunberg’s visit to Alberta will shine a global spotlight on its oil and gas industry. But it looks like they’re about to squander their moment.

Jason Kenney takes the words right out of Ezra Levant’s mouth

Max Fawcett: Comparing Canada’s oil to OPEC and Russia doesn’t exactly raise the bar for Alberta’s oil and gas industry

Why Albertans should stop voting Conservative

Max Fawcett: If Albertans want the rest of Canada to take their issues more seriously, they’ll have to do something even more radical than pushing for separation—stop voting Conservative