Alek Minassian

Toronto van attack dash cam video2

Dash cam video and witness provide new details about the route of Toronto van attack

The footage, obtained by Maclean’s, shows the van running a stop light on Beecroft Rd. just seconds after pedestrians, including a woman with a stroller, had crossed
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Toronto van suspect’s cryptic ’Incel Rebellion’ Facebook post explained

Alek Minassian was ’Incel’ and praised Elliot Rodgers who killed six people around the University of California in 2014
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Toronto van attack victim Anne Marie D’Amico was ’brightest light’

A friend described her death as the loss of one of the ’brightest lights & biggest hearts.’

What we know about Alek Minassian–alleged Toronto van attacker

The 25-year-old Seneca student was arrested after a deadly van attack that killed 10 people in Toronto on Monday.