Guilbeault is leading the battle to regulate Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

Attention web giants: ’Recess is over’

A small group of nations, led by Canada, have been quietly preparing to take on the tech giants. Inside their battle to rein in the most powerful companies on Earth.
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Forced to live online, we’re realizing what matters isn’t there

Scott Gilmore: Before, I never thought twice about clicking to Amazon. Now, I click to a local business—the kind of place that sustains our communities.

We must have our beef

Corey Mintz: Plant-based alternatives cannot curb climate change. Why? Because we keep going back to beef.
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What if the Toronto-Waterloo corridor really becomes the next Silicon Valley?

Uber, Microsoft and Intel are the latest tech heavyweights to invest and expand in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor—but buzzy names alone won’t make the region the next big thing
Amazon logistics center FDUS2 in Rheinberg, Germany

Happy Amazon Prime Day! Amazon is holding our cities hostage.

Opinion: Amid the deals and shiny products, the tech industry has hurt social mobility and workers’ rights—and yet politicians are too eager to prostrate themselves for these companies
Jeff Bezos

Trump gets it partly right on Amazon—it does get a sweetheart postal deal

The online shopping giant is paying more taxes these days, but the U.S. Postal Service is not being adequately compensated for doing Amazon’s heavy lifting
Amazon Canada fulfillment centre

Calgary hoped to land 50,000 Amazon jobs. It may have to settle for two.

Despite a recent round of layoffs, Amazon has roughly 13,000 job openings right now. Here’s a look at where the jobs are (and aren’t).
Inside An Distribution Center On Cyber Monday

For longshot cities, bidding on Amazon HQ was never really about Amazon

Laugh if you wish at Winnipeg and Hamilton, but they got everything they could ask from a continent-wide beauty contest
Someone cowers from their tablet smart home device.

Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ is already in millions of homes. Her name is Alexa.

Smart homes and intelligent bots that cater to our whims may be convenient, but is it really worth being under surveillance all the time?
Package theft. (C. Schwindt)

These Amazon parcel thieves are stealing Christmas

Truck-stalking thieves are scooping gifts dropped at your door by UPS, FedEx and Canada Post, too. But online shoppers are fighting back.