Andrew Scheer

Scheer speaks during a news conference in Ottawa on April 20, 2020 (CP/Adrian Wyld)

The case for accountability, brought to you by the Conservatives

Andrew MacDougall: While the PM offers talking points from his driveway, the onus is on the opposition to make the case for proper scrutiny via Parliament

Andrew Scheer addresses Parliament: ’This is the job of Team Canada’ [Full Transcript]

The Conservative leader raised concerns about the government response to the coronavirus, but struck an optimistic note on parties working together for Canadians

It is time for a national unity government

Scott Gilmore: If the Liberals want to take the best decisions for all Canadians, they need to bring the NDP and the CPC to the cabinet table
Peter MacKay addresses the crowd at a federal Conservative leadership forum during the annual general meeting of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative party in Halifax on Feb. 8, 2020. The 2020 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election will be held on June 27, 2020.

Andrew Scheer and Peter MacKay’s throwback to civil-rights-era racial stereotypes

Heidi Matthews: When it comes to the blockades and protests, Conservative leaders are invoking the idea of the ’outside agitator’ to delegitimize and break the bonds of activist solidarity

Justin Trudeau ejects a protester

Paul Wells: In an extraordinary day on Parliament Hill, Andrew Scheer got shut out of protest talks and the PM put a big bet on patience

The takedown of Andrew Scheer

Partisan warfare, ruthless tactics, friendly fire. What really happened in the final weeks before the resignation of the leader of the opposition.

What if the Conservatives had a ’centrist’ leader?

Frank Graves and Michael Valpy: Populists make up more than half of the Conservative base. Rona Ambrose and Peter MacKay don’t appeal to them.

Conservatives after Scheer: the revolution eats its own

Paul Wells: The assumption among Scheer’s opponents that the party could obviously do better will now be tested. Best of luck, folks.

Scheer is out. What happens next will change Canada forever.

Scott Gilmore: The next leader will either be someone who resonates with voters across the country or steers the party into the ditch
Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer’s resignation speech in the House of Commons

"I’ve made this decision because it’s the best thing for our party. Our party needs someone who can give everything they’ve got."