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A new poll on the USMCA suggests Canadians are feeling deal-makers’ remorse

More respondents were disappointed with the deal than pleased with it, meaning a presumptive plus for the Liberals could be a liability

Few Canadians ever set foot on a First Nations reserve, and that’s a problem

An in-depth survey finds the vast majority of non-Indigenous Canadians live sealed away from First Nations people and their communities. Is it any wonder we’re so divided?
Shoal Lake

Want common ground on First Nations issues? Start by fixing the water supply

Angus Reid: Deep divisions exposed by a new survey won’t be closed by ’debating political science theories and rehashing past grievances,’ but by solving practical problems with bite-sized policies

On First Nations issues, there’s a giant gap between Trudeau’s rhetoric and what Canadians really think: exclusive poll

From self-government to public apologies, a comprehensive survey by the Angus Reid Institute suggests Canadians and their government are on completely different pages when it comes to the future of Indigenous peoples

Facebook still has Canadians hooked, even if they’re mad about Cambridge Analytica

Canadians take a dim view of the platform, a new poll by Angus Reid Institute suggests, but only one in 10 users is ready to suspend or delete it
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Did Trudeau cross a line commenting on the Stanley verdict?

A new Angus Reid poll shows nearly half of Canadians—and 71 per cent of people in Saskatchewan—disapprove of the PM’s post verdict tweet