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Guilbeault is leading the battle to regulate Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft (CP/Sean Kilpatrick)

Attention web giants: ’Recess is over’

A small group of nations, led by Canada, have been quietly preparing to take on the tech giants. Inside their battle to rein in the most powerful companies on Earth.
(El Presidente/Amazon Studios)

Amazon Prime Video, Apple+ and HBO Max in June 2020: What’s new

A roundup of new shows Canadians should watch in June 2020
Someone cowers from their tablet smart home device.

Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ is already in millions of homes. Her name is Alexa.

Smart homes and intelligent bots that cater to our whims may be convenient, but is it really worth being under surveillance all the time?

Why the fight for net neutrality matters

It’s not just about access to the internet in the U.S. It’s about stopping the walls from going up everywhere.

What will happen when we fall out of love with tech?

Opinion: Our relationship with technology is reaching a tipping point, where the promises it once held feel like lies. What will happen next?

Apple iPhone 8 and X: 10 things you need to know

On the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple rolls out three new devices—and hopes consumers won’t mind the hefty price tag

YouTube star Dr. Michael Evans on common-sense health care

How Toronto Dr. Michael Evans landed a job at Apple, with dreams of improving global health
Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould offers lessons for Apple, and Ottawa, on innovation

When it comes to innovation Glenn Gould wasn’t all that different from Steve Jobs, says a professor from Apple University who is lecturing in Toronto this week.
Microsoft to buy LinkedIn

Will Microsoft be LinkedIn’s saviour? Don’t bet on it.

Microsoft doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to big acquisitions, and its purchase of LinkedIn will be its largest deal yet