Podcast: Hunting for planets

Astronomers how think our galaxy is filled with billions of planets. Kate Lunau on the Biggest Discovery Ever

The counterintuitive truth about piracy and profits

The most pirated films of all times were also blockbusters

3D R.I.P.

It was the last hope for business as usual for the entertainment and consumer electronic industries

Men who love 'My Little Pony'

Men who love ‘My Little Pony’

Don’t mess with guys who want to talk about Pinkie Pie and pretty pony tea parties

Why 3D is turning out to be a bust

10 new rules for saving 3D cinema

Enough with the gimmickry, price gouging and 2D conversions


Hollywood’s fake 3-D rip-off

The success of movies like ‘Avatar’ has producers rushing out bad conversions


When a man is just not up to the job

A spy scripted for Tom Cruise is sex-changed into Angelina Jolie’s latest avatar


How news-savvy are you?

Who’s known as the “devil’s spawn”? What do you know about “Fatgate”? Take our spring Newsmakers quiz.


Queen of the world!

How one woman crashed the boys’ club and made Hollywood history


Live-blogging the Oscars!

Brian D. Johnson on the highs and lows of the night


And the gold medal, er, Oscar goes to…

Brian D. Johnson predicts the Academy Award winners—and liveblogs tonight’s show


AVATAR vs. HURT LOCKER: The Historical Favourite Question

Scott Macaulay tries to explain the new Oscar voting system and how it works, with quotes from economist Justin Wolfers. Wolfers also provides some follow-explanation here. The use of ranked voting, familiar to those who follow sports MVP voting, means that a movie has the potential to win even if it doesn’t get the most first-place votes.