Bank of Montreal

Simplii and BMO say fraudsters may have accessed customer data

Two of Canada’s largest financial institutions warn that data breaches may have leaked the banking information of thousands of customers.


Does Canada want a piece of the Royal Bank of Scotland?

The British media was abuzz on Tuesday after a television news crew snapped images of hedge fund manager Davide Serra on his way to a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office holding briefing papers that appeared to suggest that Canadian banks may be interested in buying a piece of the Royal Bank of Scotland.


Moody’s puts most of Canada’s banks on downgrade notice

Adding to the growing chorus of analysts predicting a bursting of the Canadian housing bubble, ratings agency Moody’s Investor Service placed almost all of Canada’s major banks on review for a downgrade Friday, citing the country’s growing household debt levels.


Why the federal budget said nothing about mortgages

The housing market has become a hot potato no one wants to touch


Return to Hooverville

Like her colleague Douglas Porter, Sherry Cooper expresses her concern about the Prime Minister’s call for austerity.


The wrong medicine

Douglas Porter quibbles with the Prime Minister’s prescription for economic woe.


The financial fallout hits your salary

The credit markets are finally starting to thaw, but the next victim of the financial crisis, say economists, could be your salary.