binge drinking


The alarming rise in binge drinking among young women

A new film launches a national campaign focused on young women and alcohol

Alcohol-free frosh weeks have failed

Why some universities focus on harm reduction instead
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Here’s another reason to avoid alcohol

Young drinkers show worrisome cellular changes
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City of Ottawa to promote ’culture of moderation’

To really reduce drinking, hit students where it hurts
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Drinking to get ahead in China

Among some Chinese, binge drinking may be the key to that next promotion
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Study abroad, double up on booze

Students who study overseas drink more
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Second-year students more likely to binge drink

U of A study to help tackle student drinking
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No more games for drunk Brits

In 2008, 5,000 teenage girls were treated for binge drinking
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Binge drinking affects brains of university students, study finds

Adolescent brain more sensitive to neurotoxic effects of alcohol than the adult brain
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Finland’s epidemic of cheap booze

Among working-age Finns, drink is now the leading cause of death