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Canada Shooting

Why RCMP tactics—not weapons—failed against Justin Bourque

Justin Bourque killed three RCMP constables in Moncton in 2014—and with the national police force now on trial, a key point is being missed

Fixing the RCMP: an open letter to the next commissioner

Park your ego. Embrace an officers’ union. A former RCMP watchdog weighs in on how to lead the scandal-plagued Mounties

A harassed Mountie prevails

Finding of "outrageous" conduct by RCMP bosses vindicates Sgt. Peter Merrifield, and may spur RCMP union drive
RCMP Aboriginal Women 20140123

An ugly homicide number we need to discuss

Aboriginal people account for a disproportionate share of homicide victims and accused murderers, a reality Canada must confront in order to halt the violence
RCMP Harassment 20161006

Who will pay for the RCMP’s epic failure?

The careers and lives of women in the RCMP were ruined. Yet an apologetic RCMP refuses to truly be accountable.

Head of RCMP: ’We failed you. We hurt you. I am truly sorry.’

For the record, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson’s apology
RCMP Commissioner Paulson takes part in a news conference with Canada’s Public Safety Minister Blaney in Ottawa

Paulson’s complaint of harassment made in error, says senior Mountie

Case was ’miscommunicated’, says senior RCMP officer
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson prepares for a public safety committee meeting on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

The RCMP’s latest harassment complainant?

Charlie Gillis on why Canada’s top Mountie may be recalled to testify at one of the force’s messiest trials.

The little court case that turned into a tire fire for the RCMP

Inside an Ontario courtroom, a seemingly inconsequential trial is getting bigger as the months roll by. So are its consequences.
Charlie Gillis

A troubling inconsistency at the Merrifield RCMP trial

Charlie Gillis on the latest from the civil trial of Sgt. Peter Merrifield