Bob Rae

Bob Rae

Meet Bob Rae’s new UN colleagues

Paul Wells: It’s possible to admire Bob Rae’s contribution to Canadian public life and, at the same time, to notice that other countries normally send people with far more diplomatic experience to the UN

Bob Rae responds: ’At some point, the lies have to be answered’

Opinion: Amid criticism on the campaign trail of his time as Ontario’s premier, Bob Rae defends the legacy of his NDP government
Bob Rae 1990

Bob Rae’s rise and fall as Ontario’s first NDP premier, as told through Maclean’s archives

It’s been nearly 25 years since Bob Rae left office, yet his controversial tenure continues to loom over this year’s election campaign
Life in Kutupalong refugee camp

Bob Rae’s report on the Rohingya falls frustratingly short

Alberta MP Garnett Genuis on the special envoy’s delayed report and how it fails to put forth tough, necessary measures to stop a genocide
Kathleen Wynne

Why Ontario keeps choosing between bad or worse leaders

Tom Parkin: Voters are once again being told to settle between unfavourable options (Ford or Wynne). Andrea Horwath offers a way out of this trap.

Bob Rae on the remarkable life of his friend John Ridsdel

The former MP and premier on a long friendship, his desperate effort to free his friend, and the terrible news at the end of it all

How should Parliament keep an eye on CSIS?

SIRC, CSIS and a proposal for parliamentary oversight
Michael Ignatieff

Q&A: Michael Ignatieff on success, failure and his time in politics

’You live and learn,’ says former Liberal leader
Chrystia Freeland

Inside the race for Toronto-Centre

And the upcoming by-election previews a looming 2015 battle for Canada’s political left
Bob Rae

Bob Rae on "talking down the business"

The departing Liberal MP reflects on the state of our politics