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Three new books to read this fall

Must-read fiction and non-fiction picks to sink your teeth into

Here are six must-read books for November

Joe Hagan recounts Jann Wenner’s salacious life, Mike Spencer Brown offers a chronicle of ‘crazy’ travel and Ta-Nehisi Coates examines Black American tragedy
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Five must-read books for October

Jennifer Egan delves into historical narrative; Kevin Hardcastle tells a foreboding tale of attempted redemption; and John DeMont takes on the history of his home province

The five books everyone is talking about in September

Spy-novel master John le Carré revisits a cold case; Jesmyn Ward tells a haunting Southern gothic ghost story; and Stephen Greenblatt searches for the real story of Adam and Eve

The five books everyone is talking about this August

Books to read this month: in fiction and non-fiction, ripping tales of fraud, deceit, murder and (environmental) mayhem on the high seas
June Books review

Must-read books for June: Play to prose, restaurant reflections

Plus the memoir of a bold female restaurateur, and a new set of interlacing stories from Elizabeth Strout

Must-read books for May: saints, soldiers and social media

Books to read this month: a new history of Russia’s obsession with war, a modern-day Thoreau pens a social media anti-manifesto, and more

Barbara Gowdy’s mantra: ‘Just lie on your back and write’

Despite chronic pain, the author delivers another Gowdyesque novel, replete with absurdist humour

April books: dystopias and arty dogs

This month’s must-reads: Fiction from North Korea, a second U.S. Civil War, a space spider, art-world frenzy and more

Five books you have to read in February

This month in book reviews: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and climate change. A Nobel laureate. A champion of metamorphosis.