border security

What Canadians really think about national security

We polled 1,500 Canadians and got a sense of our thoughts on border security, military and more.

Under Trump, the unbelievable is becoming reality

So much of what is happening in the U.S. right now makes no sense, and now the American chaos and confusion is heading north

Is the Harper government now in the reality TV business?

The Conservatives won’t say how much Border Security costs taxpayers

The Commons: Vic Toews’ real world

Imagining what other reality TV shows the government might approve of


India and Pakistan take a step in the right direction

Violence along the border has been rising, but new trade agreements can establish needed trust


What’s getting cut

Sarah Schmidt tries to figure out what the cuts will mean to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. The Customs and Immigration Union says border services cuts mean it will be harder to intercept “hardened criminals such as sexual predators.” A letter from aboriginal leaders seems to justify the elimination of the National Aboriginal Health Organization, but ITK leader Mary Simon quibbles. And in addition to the humans who will be laid off, dogs are also being put out of work.

About that border deal between Canada and the U.S.

Canada has finally managed to put the focus back on trade for the first time since 9/11


Higher threat of terrorism from Canada than Mexico: U.S. official

U.S. border chief testifies that more potential terrorists exploit Canadian system

Next up: rush for perimeter security, regulatory harmonization

Harper’s window is closing as the presidential campaign cycle draws near

Harper and Obama announce new regulatory council

Group will work toward “increased regulatory transparency and coordination”


Border announcement to focus on trade

The border announcement today will include the creation of a Council to review regulations with an eye to streamlining and helping facilitate trade. I’m told this is in part an extension of Obama’s domestic initiative to review regulations. He talked about it in the State of the Union.


This week: Good news, bad news

Barack Obama and Stephen Harper agree to discuss border security, while Silvio Berlusconi’s political career hangs by a thread