Brian Mulroney


Hey America, this is how you do a leaders debate

As you watch Trump debate Biden you might be wondering if there’s a better way. So we present to you Canada’s iconic and admirable 1984 election debate.

Brian Mulroney: From scandal-adjacent elitist to magnanimous statesman

The former PM has been working hard to improve his legacy. It just might be paying off, writes Anne Kingston
State Funeral Held For George H.W. Bush At The Washington National Cathedral

Brian Mulroney’s eulogy to George H.W. Bush: Video

Mulroney on his warm relations with the former president: ’The best ships are friendships, and may they always be’
Chrystia Freeland, Brian Mulroney

Brian Mulroney talks NAFTA as only he can

The former PM on why dairy can’t be sacrosanct, Tories shouldn’t slam Liberal NAFTA tactics, and Trudeau isn’t really boxed in
Justin Trudeau Delivers Remarks To Supporters in Brampton

Memo to future prime ministers: Some days you’ll hate this job

Paul Wells: A tendency to experience heartbreak on the job isn’t unique to this prime minister
Caroline Mulroney

Caroline Mulroney’s mad scramble to make a name for herself

Her famous name and family ties have helped her organize and raise money. But in this too short PC leadership race her inexperience may be her undoing.
Caroline Mulroney

Caroline Mulroney on why she’s running and what’s wrong in Ontario

The leadership candidate for the Ontario PC party talks about winning, her life in politics and getting advice from her father, Brian Mulroney
Brian Mulroney, Earl Anthony Wayne, Jaime Serra Puche

Brian Mulroney: Anyone expressing fear and anger over NAFTA is ’uninformed’

Ahead of Trump’s speech to Congress, Mulroney struck a mostly optimistic tone about NAFTA in testimony to the Senate foreign relations committee, writes Allen Abel

Brian Mulroney testifies on NAFTA at the U.S. Senate: Video

The prime minister who negotiated the Canada-U.S. free trade deal talks about the importance of the continental economy
Justin Trudeau

The conservative roots of public apologies

Saying sorry for past wrongs may fit Justin Trudeau’s brand of Liberalism, but conservatives started the trend in Canada and globally