Bright Ideas

Bright Idea: The Traumatizer mimics a human arm holding a weapon

A forensics professor you may know from ‘Making A Murderer’ finds a mechanical solution to a courtroom problem

Bright Idea: A fast, cheap mobile water-testing kit

Faster and cheaper than anything on the market today

Bright Idea: Touchscreen chamber for mice, complete with milkshake

A chamber that completely changes the way cognitive tests are performed on animals

Ludwig the robot at the University of Toronto

Bright Idea: Ludwig the robot is helping dementia patients remember

This adorable two-foot bot is on track to fill in communication gaps for people with dementia

Bright Idea: A tuna vise that gets a grip on fish heads

The tuna vise is a two-metre, clam-shaped contraption made of stainless steel that won’t rust in salt water

Bright Idea: Furniture grown from mushrooms

Toadstools? No, mushroom benches.

Bright Idea: Delectable corn fungus

A delicious novelty food with an ugly name

Bright Idea: Cricket Pasta Sauce

Cricket cavatelli, anyone?

Bright Idea: Fake blood that behaves like the real thing

A blood substitute that’s miles ahead of cornstarch and food colouring

Bright Idea: Biodegradable coffee pods

Compostable coffee? How degrading!

Bright Idea: Oversized Camera Obscura

A camera so big, you can step inside