Bruce McArthur

Justin Ling in conversation with Paul Wells for Maclean's LIve

Justin Ling in conversation with Paul Wells: Maclean’s Live

The investigative reporter will sit down with Maclean’s to discuss his new book, ’Missing From the Village,’ about serial killer Bruce McArthur

Bruce McArthur case: Police identify remains of three more men

McArthur has now been charged with seven counts of murder, and police are examining cold cases dating back as far as 1975 as part of the investigation

Bruce McArthur case: How a hobby database of missing persons uncovered a serial killer

’Knowing serial homicide, you learn to recognize patterns,’ says Reid. ’You don’t sensationalize them, but you pay attention to them.’

Toronto police find remains of six people in Bruce McArthur investigation

Police say that so far, only the remains of Andrew Kinsman have been positively identified

What we know so far about Bruce McArthur

Toronto police are calling the case ’unprecedented,’ and the likes of which Toronto has never seen