Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau’s Trump-like treatment of Jagmeet Singh

Tom Parkin: The PM’s refusal to call a by-election for his democratic competitor has made him the villain, and handed Singh the mantle of underdog
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Is Trudeau really showing ’courtesy’ to Singh?

Tom Parkin: By delaying a by-election call for months, the Liberals are sidelining their opponent, and denying thousands of Canadians a voice in Parliament
Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh has a lot of work to do

Paul Wells: The NDP leader addressed a stinker of a by-election result in Quebec with a pledge to do more. More of what? ’It’s all on the table.’
Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh and the shunning of Parliament

Evan Solomon on the troubling and flawed decision by the new NDP leader not to fight for a seat and ’show up for work’ as an MP
Adam Vaughan; Joe Cressy; Justin Trudeau

How well are the Liberals really doing in these by-elections?

It’s not nothing, even if it could ultimately come to nothing
Canada’s PM Stephen Harper makes an announcement about the “Victims Bill of Rights” legislation in Mississauga

Why do we let the Prime Minister schedule by-elections?

And why did so few people vote in Fort McMurray-Athabasca?
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Last night in Toronto

The by-election debate in Toronto-Centre
Parliament Building

As the Brandon-Souris turns

’I’m sad to see it evolve into what it has’
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The latest from Brandon-Souris

Checking in on our new favourite by-election