The election battle lines being drawn

Tom Parkin: Andrew Scheer is pinned down with a Max Bernier problem. And Jagmeet Singh is finally freed to take on the struggling Liberals.
Jagmeet Singh, Julia Sanchez,

The games Liberals are playing with Jagmeet Singh

Tom Parkin: It goes beyond the discourteous delays in calling a byelection, and seems to point to even more petty efforts to undermine the NDP leader
Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh has a lot of work to do

Paul Wells: The NDP leader addressed a stinker of a by-election result in Quebec with a pledge to do more. More of what? ’It’s all on the table.’
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By-election brouhaha

Last night’s results—and shenanigans
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Let us now obsess over relatively minor events

A look at the ins and outs of tonight’s by-elections