calgary stampede

Barrel racer Cariann Breton races around the barrels during the annual Writing-On-Stone rodeo in 2018. (Leah Hennel)

These stunning photos are an ode to ranch and rodeo life in Alberta

A new book of striking Alberta imagery showcases an already altered life, as some rodeos—including the Calgary Stampede—have been cancelled to limit the spread of COVID-19

Why yes, this is Andrew Scheer’s first rodeo

...Or at least his first Stampede as Tory leader. With zingers about Omar Khadr, and wardrobe tips from strangers, he managed to pull through.
Skiing in Calgary, ALberta

Calgary’s bad 2026 bid: $4.6 billion for the discount Olympics

Even with plans for a recycled Olympics, the price tag would still be massive, with no tangible benefits for the city

The Lone Beaver: David Poulsen narrates Canada’s cattle-herding beaver

Calgary Stampede rodeo announcer David Poulsen narrates the viral video of a beaver’s herding efforts in Saskatchewan.
Stephen Harper, Rona Ambrose

Stephen Harper’s (probably) final speech as MP

Harper uses stage at annual Stampede barbecue to pass the torch to Jason Kenney
Prime Minister Harper meets with Alberta Rachel Notley during the Calgary Stampede in Calgary

Calgary’s stampede of stumpers

More than pancakes and Smithbilt hats, this year’s Stampede was an election dress rehearsal with plenty at stake
Crowd surfing

The Editorial: Summertime, and the music is easy

It’s time to get off YouTube, unplug those earbuds, and get thee to a festival–a booming industry in Canada
Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

Chris Hadfield on parade, more on Mike Duffy and babies on their backs
Down, but far from out

Alberta: Down, but far from out

Colby Cosh on a flood that has proven an opportunity for an amazing display of resilience

#Stampede101: Pictures of politicians wearing cowboy hats

White hat? Or black hat? The dilemmas of a politician in Calgary