Mayor Jyoti Gondek is creating the Calgary of the future—starting downtown

“People think you walk down the street in Calgary and see J.R. Ewing. We’re also the third most diverse city in Canada.” 
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The Move: Why two pilots willing to put down roots anywhere in Canada landed in Calgary.

For first-time buyers Sylvie and Riley, their property search included a basement bachelor pad and a “murder home” before eventually finding new digs 

The Building: A Calgary parkade redesigned with the future in mind

Calgary’s $80-million 9th Avenue Parkade is made for a time when cars aren’t king
A man and woman stand in front of their house, giving each other a side hug

The Move: Why this Ontario family left for Calgary

Life in the Prairies is working out nicely for Louie and Joy after relocating from Pickering, Ont.
The Chiu family in front of their new three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse in Calgary, Alberta. (Photos courtesy Allison Seto)

The Move: Priced out of Vancouver

Priced out of Vancouver, Martin and Nicole Chiu became first-time homeowners after a spontaneous move to Calgary
Chicken with freshly laid eggs

How urban hens can help cities become food secure

Backyard hens provide a cheap, nutritious and regular source of protein for little investment. Cities can do more to help Canadians embrace them.
(Photograph by Amber Bracken)

At the Calgary Zoo, the camels watch the people

The Calgary Zoo has a pair of resident camels—and these humped mammals love to people-watch

One intern’s idea to curb road rage in Calgary—with humour

The drive into Calgary is worth a chuckle, thanks to Joseph Kruis, an intern in the city of Calgary’s transportation department
Fung Ling Feimo at the Ogden building. (Photograph by Colin Way)

A doorway to a hidden past in Calgary

A building on Ogden Road in Calgary has a rare link to the history of the city’s Chinese community. But its future hangs in the balance as it finds itself in the path of the proposed Green Line transit system.
The moment of quiet after a patient has been turned onto his back. His nurse has just left the room, after applying balm to his lips and dimming the lights. (Heather Patterson)

Alone and afraid: Alberta’s third wave in photos

A Calgary physician captures COVID-19 in the ICU: trauma, heartbreak and immense love and resilience