Campus Life

Students attend a lecture at the University of Calgary (Courtesy of the University of Calgary)

With the shift to online learning, students with disabilities face new barriers

They may not have to navigate campus, but online learning has brought new challenges
University of Guelph Library (Courtesy of University of Guelph)

An ode to campus libraries

Get thee to thy school’s library, where superheroes await, magic unfolds and rare sanctuary can be found
Eternity Martis in Toronto. (Photograph by Gillian Mapp)

How post-secondary students of colour can feel safe in their new home

For students of colour, racism can extinguish the excitement and opportunity of university. A graduate offers her experience.
(Photo illustration by Stephen Gregory and Drew Maynard)

This week’s reading: All the fake news you can handle

A crop of courses on fake news have been cropping up in Canadian universities. Many of them pull insights from political science, philosophy, history and psychology.
The tuition waiver opened the door for Ap to achieve success in an honours program at UBC (Photograph by Jackie Dives)

How tuition waivers help B.C. youth in care overcome stubborn systemic barriers

A provincial program that waives tuition can be critical to access higher education, but the initiative—introduced in 2017—is not without its gaps
Phog Lounge

Students pick the best live music venues in Canada

From the Seahorse to the Horseshoe, some of the best clubs and concert halls from coast to coast

Is food at U of Guelph’s Creelman Hall as good as the rumours suggest?

We sent our writer to try a five-course feast to find out if it deserves its stellar reputation

The University of Guelph has the best campus food in Canada

Nearly 94 per cent of Guelph students are ’satisfied’ or ’very satisfied’ with the taste of their food, according to an annual Maclean’s survey

Students, want to earn a Maclean’s merit badge?

Tell us what you’ve learned outside the classroom and we’ll celebrate your achievement with an exclusive award
Ryerson University. (Mark Blinch/Ryerson University)

What about Toronto?

Four schools to consider in Canada’s biggest city