Canadian art

(Images courtesy of the Ottawa Art Gallery)

Inside the Canadian art gallery spotlighting archival Maclean’s covers

Canadian illustration, family ties and national identity are all at the heart of the Ottawa Art Gallery’s new exhibit

'Night Ferry, Vancouver,' 1937 (F.H. Varley/McMichael Canadian Art Collection)

Rediscovering the Group of Seven

This year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Group of Seven’s first exhibition. John Geddes revisits the group’s work in a bid to see their art as art, rather than ‘the over-familiar illustrations of a nation-building saga.’

The End: Ahmoo Angeconeb, 1955–2017

After residential school, he vowed to go back to his traditional ways. As an artist, his work became known across Europe.

Geoffrey Farmer’s tour de force at the Venice Biennale

The most inventive and exciting Canadian project at the art show in years

An iconic Canadian painting gets a facelift and reveals its secrets

The first restoration of ‘A Meeting of the School Trustees’ in a century has revealed a much brighter painting with a new, more hopeful meaning

Review: Four decades of Canadian photography

Black-and-white street snaps and full-colour studio confections capture photographic fidelity in a National Gallery of Canada retrospective

Where are Canada’s starring artists?

Canadian art has its lovers and its haters, but it needs a new funding model—and more Canadian eyes on it

In Canada, no nudes is good nudes

A new exhibit exposes our squeamishness about nakedness in art

Every object in the ROM has a story

Twenty-one writers celebrate 21 objects from the Royal Ontario Museum collection


A Q&A with the curator of the National Gallery’s surprising show

A conversation with Charles Hill and his exhibit looking at Canadian art from 1890 to 1918, an ‘era of optimism’

Kim Dorland: ‘Tom Thomson on acid’

An unprecedented show puts Dorland’s work alongside the Group of Seven paintings that inspire him

My monkey could do that

It’s primate art and Pockets Warhol is an international star