Canadian military

(Photo illustration by Anna Minzhulina)

The war inside the Canadian Armed Forces

In the wake of multiple exits by senior leaders after untested allegations of misconduct, fixing its badly broken justice system is now the most important mission facing the beleaguered military

A landmark ruling on military courts means the Forces must change for the better

Opinion: The military is scrambling after a court decided that its process for trying soldiers with civil crimes violates the Charter—exposing its double standard

Canada’s long-shot defence policy

Harjit Sajjan’s long-anticipated defence policy plan outlines $62 billion in new spending, but budget questions remain.

What Canadians really think about national security

We polled 1,500 Canadians and got a sense of our thoughts on border security, military and more.

Leopard WWII Tank

What it feels like to ride in a Leopard 1A5 tank

Canada’s first female infantry officer breaks silence on abuse

From 2017: After decades of relative silence, Sandra Perron says, ‘I felt guilty for having these secrets all my adult life’

The Mark Norman firing mystery: This doesn’t happen in the U.S.

Four days after Canada’s No. 2 military commander was fired, Canadians still don’t know why. We should take a lesson from American transparency on this.

What’s Canada’s role in Iraq? It’s bigger than you think

Canadian Special Forces are in the thick of the battle around Mosul. What comes next?

Meet the world’s first female combat general

The many ways Col. Jennie Carignan is detonating the glass ceiling

Bringing Canada’s role in Iraq into focus

War is war, and we’ve been in one ever since Canadian forces arrived in Iraq months ago, writes Michael Petrou

Former corporal wins apology from military over alleged sex assault

From the archives: Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson to Stéphanie Raymond: ‘I’ve come to the conclusion you were wronged’

Why uniforms matter in the military

They’re always freighted with symbolism. But in the wake of the death of two soldiers, they suddenly mean so much more