Canadian Moments

Customs And Border Patrol Keep Watch At U.S.-Canada Border

As Canada makes marijuana legal, the U.S. resorts to Prohibition-inspired tactics

Opinion: America’s own history reveals the depths of its reportedly old-fashioned approach to sharing a border with a nation where weed is legal
Lakeport brewery and head office in Hamilton, Ontario

Why buck-a-beer failed before in Ontario—and why it likely will, again

The story of Lakeport Brewing Co.’s meteoric rise and total collapse shows us why Doug Ford’s plans for buck-a-beer’s return will be a tall task—if not an impossible one

A century later, a vicious anti-Greek riot in Toronto offers lessons for today

In 1918, three days of riots took aim at Toronto’s Greek immigrants—revealing who gets to be seen as part of Canada’s fabric, and why
Dairy Cows

How dairy became seen as a public resource worth protecting in Canada

As Donald Trump assails Canada’s supply-managed dairy industry, history shows how perceptions around Canadian milk changed—turning it into something worth defending
The Liquor Control Board of Ontario should improve its customer service; a reader suggests.

Why can’t Ontarians buy booze in corner stores? Blame the surveillance state

In the 1920s, Ontario ended its ban on alcohol, but decided to monitor citizens’ drinking habits instead—and it’s feeling the hangover of that decision to this day

The history of why Canada’s health care system falls short

Opinion: Ontario’s election could bring another step toward truly comprehensive health care. But failed efforts from the past reveal possible pressure points
Emily Murphy

After 100 years of women’s suffrage, do we really have progress?

On May 24, 1918, a bill was passed allowing most Canadian women to vote. But women’s suffrage in the U.S. and Canada is tarnished by disturbing historical links with racism and xenophobia
Doug Ford

What happened the last time someone tried to Make Ontario Great Again

Opinion: As Doug Ford becomes the Ontario PCs’ leader, a spate of American populism imported into the province in the 1890s offers lessons for the present
Filling A Silo

What we can learn from a disastrous 1930 U.S. tariff on Canadian goods

As Donald Trump threatens tariffs on steel and aluminum, policymakers should look to history and take heed of the Smoot-Hawley Act’s cautionary tale
Thanksgiving at the market was a day-long Centennial party Saturday as patrons and farm producers tu

The odd, complicated history of Canadian Thanksgiving

Canada and America may argue over who was the first to hold a harvest festival, but both countries’ approaches to the national holiday are similar