Canadian Olympic Committee

Tricia Smith, president of the Canadian Olympic Committee, stands at Vancouver’s Locarno Beach on March 26, 2021. (Photograph by Alia Youssef)

’Only athletes pay the price’: The COC president on the folly of boycotting the Beijing Olympics

Canadian Olympic Committee president and Olympic medallist Tricia Smith on the pandemic’s harsh impact on athletes and why Canada should send a team to Beijing next year
Tricia Smith

Tricia Smith on how she’ll clean up the COC

Tricia Smith, head of the Canadian Olympic Committee, on repairing the COC, the track and field doping scandal and what’s ahead for Canadian athletes in Rio
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Canada’s lord of the Olympic rings

Marcel Aubut is a man who takes no guff and has no filter – and no doubt, he’s the key to the country’s Olympic success
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On whether or not to boycott the Sochi Olympics

At the intersection of sports, politics and human rights

Canada’s new Olympic boss

Marcel Aubut, the Quebec heavyweight who lost the Nordiques, is aiming for gold
Still On Message

Dimitri Soudas stays on message

After nine years with the prime minister, Soudas surely has tales to tell. Getting them is another matter.
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The risk of aiming high

Will medal counts affect future funding for Canada’s athletes?
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COC and CBC on the road to court

The COC accuses the broadcaster of defying its Olympic trademark
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Vancouver 2010: Team Canada’s Olympic-sized hopes

Finishing first ’is not unrealistic,’ says the head of the Canadian Olympic Committee