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(Photo by Lars Blackmore)

The Curious Case of Gina Adams: A “Pretendian” Investigation

She was hired by Emily Carr University in an effort to recruit Indigenous faculty. Then questions arose about her identity.
People in Katoomba, Australia, saw these scattered bushfires on the horizon in December 2019 (Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

Six Canadian university students on how they’re fighting climate change

University students in Canada are paying more attention to climate change than ever before. It’s their future that’s in limbo, they say, and they want companies and governments—and their own schools—to start listening.
This year, the University of Alberta’s Canadian Ice Core Lab began a five-year study of contaminants and melting ice in the Columbia Icefield (Courtesy of Steve Beffort/Hakai)

Universities in Western Canada are going all-in on climate change research

Scientists at universities in Western Canada have a wealth of information on climate change. Is the world ready for it?
At U of T, a young woman was handcuffed after asking for help with her mental health (Photograph by Christopher Katsarov)

Inside the mental health crisis at Canadian universities

Students are at increasing risk of mental health problems, and universities are struggling in their efforts to respond
Evelyn Asiedu uses the Orbitrap mass spectrometer to view data for her research at the University of Alberta. (Courtesy of Evelyn Asiedu)

Canadian universities must collect race-based data

Evelyn Asiedu: The absence of demographic information on Black and racialized students renders their experiences untenable and provides no incentive for change
A medical student in Tunis wears a face mask in a lecture hall.

What will university look like this fall as a result of the coronavirus?

Socializing is a big part of the post-secondary experience. For now, that aspect of university life doesn’t seem to be available—at least not in the usual ways.
Queen's University students move out from residence in Kingston, Ont., on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Lars Hagberg

How universities are dealing with requests for refunds during coronavirus

Some schools are offering a flat amount for residence and meal-plan fees, some have offered pro-rated reimbursements. Students want more transparency around the process.
Empty desks in a lecture hall (Photo by Uwe Anspach/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Pass/fail grades should be the only option during the coronavirus

We want universities to be fair, to not treat anyone arbitrarily or differently from their peers. Accordingly, the conditions of student assessment should be universal.
Queen's University students move out from residence in Kingston, Ont., on Wednesday, March 18, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Lars Hagberg

What life is like for students still living in university dorms during coronavirus

Most university students have packed up and gone home to their families to finish the semester online. But some continue to live on very quiet campuses.
Grant Hall at Queen's University campus in Kingston, Ontario, on Wednesday March 18, 2020. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Lars Hagberg

How Canadian universities are evaluating students during the coronavirus pandemic

As learning moved online, institutions and instructors looked for ways to be flexible. Pass-fail systems in lieu of letter grades; assignments in lieu of exams. Macaroni in lieu of clay.