Defending the demon weed to John Diefenbaker

John Robinson was a normal teenager with bold ideas on pot legalization. But he was from a troubled home, got hooked and eventually came to a breaking point.
Cannabis Legalization Day Celebration In Toronto

Clearing pot charges from Canadians’ records would be a good start—but it’s not enough

Opinion: The Canadian government should explore reparations for people whose cannabis-related criminal offences have stopped them from fully participating in society
Overdose Emergency 20170413

The next step for Canada: decriminalize hard drugs

Stephen Maher: Legalizing marijuana should lead Canada to tackle a more pressing challenge—ending the deadly and cruel war on drugs

How the feds hope to ban lifestyle marketing of legal pot

The law bans ’glamour, recreation, excitement, vitality, risk or daring.’ But those rules are already being tested, so we asked a lawyer to explain.
Ralph Goodale

Cannabis is legal. Now about those pardons for pot possession?

There is still no timeline for Canada’s plan to pardon people for simple pot possession. And even when it happens it won’t wipe records clean.
Justin Trudeau

The reason that cannabis is now legal in Canada

It was the Prime Minister’s late brother’s brush with the law that influenced Trudeau’s thinking on pot, and put Canada on the path to legalization
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Cannabis at Canadian Universities: Which schools and programs report highest use?

A majority of students saying they never use marijuana, but results vary by school
Caroline Mulroney, Vic Fedeli

Why politicians sound tough while liberalizing Ontario pot sales

It will be a while, evidently, before politicians loosen up about marijuana the way they have about booze
Taxes Tourism Chilled-out Citizens Of Canada Ready To Inhale

Will legalization make Canada a global dope destination?

’The world is watching,’ says one B.C. weed tour founder. ’We’re going to be the new Amsterdam.’

With its patchwork of half-baked, absurd laws, Canada isn’t ready for legal weed

Canada is about to usher in the era of legal marijuana with laws and rules that contradict other ones elsewhere in the country—or even just across a bridge. Did it have to be like this?