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You’ll see more carbon labels in the grocery store next year. Here’s what they mean.

Carbon labels tell consumers the environmental impact of oat milk, dish soap and more. Do they work?
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A commitment to covering climate change

Maclean’s is among 60 media organizations participating in Covering Climate Now, a major international initiative

Yes, climate change can be beaten by 2050. Here’s how.

A carbon-free world can be a reality. What would that mean for our jobs, homes and lives?

The Canadian right is failing on carbon pricing

Canada needs a carbon pricing plan but Ottawa’s proposal is flawed, writes a former top pipeline executive. The right should offer fixes, not denialism.

IPCC plus 20: a world warming but not frying

Colby Cosh points out the asterisk on the latest headline about climate change
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Carbon capers

Barack Obama promised to tackle climate change, but so far Washington has produced only hot air