How Lido Pimienta keeps it surreal on Lido TV

Colombian-Canadian musician Lido Pimienta takes her talents to television with Lido TV, her one-of-a-kind take on variety shows
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Rick Mercer on Poilievre vs. Trudeau, his new comedy showcase and more

Mercer returns to prime time with Comedy Night With Rick Mercer. “This is a golden age of stand-up comedy. But it’s a completely insane occupation.”
Canadian actress Amber Marshall and her horse Cruz, a palomino quarter house at her place near Calgary, Alberta on January 30, 2021. (Photograph by Leah Hennel)

Heartland’s Amber Marshall on what makes the show’s devoted fans tick

Amber Marshall on the joys of Canada’s longest-running TV drama, horses versus cows, living her character—and the terrible thing that happens this season
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Why CBC Comedy has grown stale—and that’s no laughing matter

Opinion: The CBC—once the home of world-class comedy—now struggles to land its jokes. And with more competition than ever before, it’s losing its place in the cultural firmament
Kirstine Stewart

Kirstine Stewart on the limits of “leaning in”

As the former head of the CBC and Twitter Canada embarks on new role, she says it’s time for business to adapt to women’s needs—not the other way around

Kim’s Convenience: A TV first that doesn’t buckle under the pressure

A sitcom like CBC’s Kim’s Convenience is long overdue on Canada’s TVs—and it’s taking advantage of its big shot

Exclusive excerpt: David Halton immortalizes his legendary father

The younger Halton chronicles the life and times of Canada’s finest war correspondent
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Transcript: Chris Alexander’s CBC response on Syrian refugees

A full transcript of the heated exchange on CBC’s Power & Politics Wednesday night between host Rosemary Barton and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander

What it feels like to be Peter Mansbridge

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the voice of Canadian news? Go behind the scenes with Peter Mansbridge, CBC icon and host of The National, as he prepares to go on air.
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Amiel: Why the CBC needs new blood

Evan Solomon was fired due to a selective reading of the CBC’s standard, writes Barbara Amiel—proving its leaders think in a box and go with the wind