Charbonneau commission

Charbonneau Commission;

Judge Charbonneau hears from ’Mr. Three Per Cent’

Martin Patriquin on today’s testimony at the inquiry looking into corruption in Quebec’s construction industry
Charbonneau Commission;

Mr. Sidewalk’s testimony in three words: ’I don’t remember’

Martin Patriquin on truth and testimony at the Charbonneau commission
The foundation of corruption

Quebec’s foundation of corruption

The inside story of the man at the centre of the storm
France Charbonneau

Charbonneau Commission takes a close look at Club 357’s guestbook

Martin Patriquin on a difficult day for Quebec’s political class
Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay announces his resignation during a news conference in Montreal

Isn’t it time to wise up to the wise guys?

Paul Wells on the (non)response of MPs to an epidemic of corruption, kickbacks and death threats
Maclean’s Magazine  20100924

Does being in politics mean never having to say you’re sorry?

Two years after our cover story provoked a defensive uproar, evidence of the deep-seated corruption has continued to pile up
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What students are talking about today (November 6th edition)

Obama’s odds, no-money-down tuition, Halo 4 & a drug bust
Charbonneau Commission;

Now that you mention it, maybe it is time for an apology

Martin Patriquin on Quebec, corruption and the Charbonneau commission