Charbonneau commission

Charbonneau Commission,

The Mafia on tape: not nearly as glamorous as on film

Martin Patriquin reports from the Charbonneau commission
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More than 60 construction companies represented at Mafia Christmas party, inquiry hears

MONTREAL - A corruption inquiry is hearing that people from dozens of construction companies attended a Mafia Christmas party in Montreal a few years ago, with the RCMP watching.
Charbonneau Commission;

Ontario detective talks mafia, Quebec listens

Mike Amato gave the Charbonneau Commission a history lesson on the mob, from 1911 to today

In the end, Donnie Brasco didn’t show

Charbonneau commission, fall session: All eyes on Laval’s Gilles Vaillancourt and Montreal’s Gérald Tremblay
A shocking night

The future of Quebec and Canada: all bets are off

Paul Wells and Martin Patriquin take us inside a dramatic campaign with a terrifying finish
The not-so-predictable Duchesneau effect

The not-so-predictable Duchesneau effect

Which way will Quebec voters stampede?
UPAC leader Duchesneau waits to testify during a parliamentary hearing at the National Assembly in Quebec City

The man who shook Quebec

Jacques Duchesneau was hired to investigate corruption in the construction industry. No one liked what he found.