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Justin Trudeau

What happens when civil servants get partisan

Non-partisanship is a principle of Canada’s public service. So when Ottawa civil servants cheered Trudeau’s arrival, they violated a basic principle of government
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Inside the battle for Ottawa’s public-service vote

In Ottawa, it seems no end of Conservative candidates want civil servants to know how much they care. Oh, and the PM does too.
Anne Kingston

At one federal department, office pals are risky business

Natural Resources Canada’s new code-of-conduct rules assign staff a colour-coded ’risk’ level. And if you have work pals, or are a professor, watch out.
Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

Changes to sick days for federal employees and Lululemon CEO Christine Day steps down
Renee Filiatrault, note how none of the Afhgan men are looking at her. AP

The forgotten members of the mission in Afghanistan

Canada is neglecting the civil servants who played a key role in the mission
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The war on the civil service

Pensions and layoffs are just one front in a long-brewing battle
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Fat city

The civil service hasn’t suffered in this recession. Is it about to share our pain?