Half of students don’t use condoms? Really?

The surprising results of Canadian student sex surveys
Pope Francis

The Pope’s shocking revelations aren’t really news

Francis says the church shouldn’t focus on ’small-minded rules’
trent farm

Cafeteria boycott, ’indecent acts’ at York & gay sex

What students are talking about today (March 27th)
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Playing safe

The Rugby World Cup is bringing plenty of men behaving badly to New Zealand
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Contraception champions

Once dominated by the Catholic Church and its bans, the Irish now lead the way in the use of birth control
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Condom fiasco at an end

St. Thomas University reverses courses on preventing handing out condoms during orientation
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Condom controversy at STU

University committee to make recommendation on whether condoms can be handed out during orientation week
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Cabbies offer passengers protection

In Brandon, condoms are available in cabs Thursday through Sunday
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Ditching the pill for good

New health concerns have women looking for different choices
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Group wants condoms in P.E.I. schools

About 30 per cent of Island youth have had unprotected sex